Bliss Balls

Delicious, healthy, easy and endlessly modifiable, blissballs are perfect for lunchboxes, snacks or dessert. For nut-free lunchboxes swap out the nuts for seeds or cereal. If you want an alternative to dried fruit, make the base from melted coconut oil or nut butter and fine rolled oats or coconut. If you want to flash them up for a dessert platter add freeze dried fruit powders, or drizzle the finished balls with melted chocolate. Here’s a basic recipe to start with, then two adaptions to try: Peanut Brownie 3 cups dried dates 2Tbs good runny peanut butter (or to taste) 2Tbs … Continue reading Bliss Balls

Seitan: the king of vegan proteins

Hail seitan Homemade seitan is dirt cheap (less than $1 for the amount used in the steam instruction pics here, plus sauce), as healthy as you want to make it, endlessly flavourable and can be any texture you like. We use it crumbed and fried into KFC-style “chicken”, marinated and stirfried, in burgers, as a roast, minced for spag bol and a million other things. It can be frozen, boiled, baked, minced or anything else you fancy. So grab yourself a bag of gluten flour, try one of the basic recipes below and then have fun adapting it 🙂   … Continue reading Seitan: the king of vegan proteins